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Steinegg Live Big Band - musicians:

The Steinegg Live Big Band is the flagship Jazz group from South Tyrol. Formed in Autumn 2013, the band consists of some of the best jazz musicians of the area.
The Big Band plays gigs with US Super-Drummer Jojo Mayer or with or without other guest musiscians.
The Steinegg Live Big Band plays concerts in South Tyrol, around the region and abroad.

The Band used the standard line up of 5 Saxes, 5 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, Piano, Bass, Drums and Guitar and is completed sometimes by Jojo Mayer (Drums) and vocalist.

Our famous members:
Andreas Marinello (solo Player at HGM Orkestar Zagreb, HRT Big Band, KUG Jazz Orchestra (A), ...)
Angel Ballester (Habana Sax, Cloud´s Quintett, Modern Saxofone Quartet, BeFunk, ...)
Giorgio Beberi (Sax Four Fun, Hallo Mr. Sax, Orchestra Haydn BZ, Fenice VE, Teator G. Verdi MI, ...)
Hannes Petermair (Ziganoff Jazzmer Band, St. Pauls Tschässband, Popband MTL, Hopfenmusig, ...)
Peter Cazzanelli (Big Band Intica, Posaunenquartett SonOro, Joe Smith Band, Brass Vocal, Sweet Alps, ...)
Manfred Gampenrieder (Orchestra Haydn BZ, Percussix, contakt, Big Sound Orchestra, ...)

All Big Band musicians:
Alto Sax - Andreas Marinello
Alto Sax - Andreas Psenner
Tenor Sax - Angel Ballester
Tenor Sax - Marco Pisoni
Bariton Sax - Giorgio Beberi
Trumpet - Paolo Trettel
Trumpet - Albert Rieder
Trumpet - Michael Lantschner
Trumpet - Christian Rieder
Trumpet - Arnold Lunger
Trombone - Hannes Mock
Trombone - Hannes Petermair
Trombone - Ivan Moser
Bass-Trombone - Peter Cazzanelli
Piano - Ingo Ramoser
Guitar - Armin Rottensteiner
Bass - Hannes Mayr
Drums - Hannes Mitterrutzner
Vocals - Sabine Psenner

Director - Manfred Gampenrieder
Sound engineer - Michael Seberich



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